William Alek
President and CEO
10645 N. Tatum Blvd., Ste C200-436
Phoenix, AZ 85028
(480) 474-4388
PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE: William has more than 30 years of experience as an embedded computer hardware, electronic hardware and software engineering consultant. He has provided consultation and product development for many companies such as Hamilton Sundstrand (contracted to Boeing), Motorola, Honeywell, General Electric, Bendix, Rockwell International, Mack Trucks, Cummins Diesel, etc.

EMPLOYMENT EXPERTISE: DO-178B, Real-Time Embedded Cyclic Control Executives and Operating Systems (RTOS), Controller Area Network (CAN) Communication Standards used in the transportation industry, Diesel Engine Controls, Flight Control Dynamics, Aircraft Engine Controls, Allen-Bradley SLC5/03, PLC5/3 PLCs; State Machine Design, Digital Signal Processing, PID Control Regulators, Data Acquisition (A-to-D Sampling), 2D/3D Mapping Interpolation, Digital Filtering, Integer / Fixed-Point Math Calculations, PWM D-to-A Output Processing; Structured Programming Techniques, Data/Control Flow Methodologies, Object-Oriented Design Programming Techniques; High-Speed / Low-Power Logic Design, Pneumatic / Hydraulic Interface Design, Audio Signal Processing, Switching Power Supply Design, Motion Controls, Single-Point Grounding, EMI Suppression, and Transmission Line Theory.

EDUCATION: William is a 1979 graduate of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Illinois, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering (B.S.E.E.) and is a life member of the AEPi Fraternity.

EXOTIC ENERGY RESEARCH: In the Fall of 1998, William attended a breakthrough energy conference held in Seattle, Washington. Researcher, Tom Bearden, was a presenter at the conference. William was absolutely fascinated with the information presented – Tesla Research, FREE Energy and Antigravity Technologies. The conference marked the beginning of William’s personal journey into exotic energy and antigravity research.

In 2001, William began speaking at various conferences about his exotic research. He developed a basic, fundamental principle of operation regarding FREE Energy and Over-Unity devices or Self-Sustainable Technologies. This led to a 1st generation device called SmartPAKTM. SmartPAKTM was the world's first all solid-state microcontroller-based FREE ENERGY or OVER-UNITY Energy Management System (EMS). It provides a "standard" platform for experimenters, researchers, and developers to do energy-related practical applications, experiments, and perform exploration of the OVER-UNITY phenomena. Though no FREE Energy device for SmartPAKTM existed at that time, the functional requirements were fully developed and implemented.

In the fall of 2003, William began exploring the mystery of gravity. He developed a 1st generation device called SmartSPOT to measure the gravitational anomaly at the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot in California. The device measured a temporal difference (Red Shift) in real-time. Also, a new physics was developed to work with SmartSPOT.

In 2006, William experimented with spark gaps using carbon graphite anode rods. He observed a negative resistance effect.

In the spring of 2009, William successfully replicated the Boyd Bushman gravity experiment. A link was established between magnetism and gravity.

In the spring of 2011, a 2nd generation design of SmartSPOT was developed. This device had 10 times more precision than the 1st generation device. The new device is called SmartWATCH.

In the fall of 2012, William developed the Split-Flux Transformer or SFT. The SFT is the world’s first practical FREE Energy device developed specifically for the SmartPAKTM system. This led to a 2nd generation design of SmartPAKTM. The new system is called SmartPAKTM / SFTTM Energy Management System.

In the fall of 2013, William finished re-engineering and modernizing the SmartPAKTM / SFTTM EMS.

Also in the fall of 2013, William and Aurora Ellegion formed a Nevada C-Corporation called AuroraTek. William is President and CEO and Aurora is VP of Investor Relations. AuroraTek was formed to provide a means to integrate SmartPAKTM / SFTTM EMS into various products such as electric scooters and bikes, electric cars, power cell phone towers and battery operated appliances and tools, etc. This technology can be scaled-up to create micro-grid systems that can power homes, businesses and small communities. The applications are endless.

In January 2014, William and Aurora presented the SmartPAKTM / SFTTM EMS at the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada. The booth number was 73112 in the Eureka Park Techzone section.

Also in January 2014, William receives Patent Pending Status on SmartPAKTM / SFTTM EMS.

In March of 2014, AuroraTek wins a $54,000 contract with the country of Haiti to build PowerUp 250 Self-Sustainable Battery Chargers.

AuroraTek website: http://AuroraTek.us
Intalek research website: http://intalek.com

Our booth at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada - January 2015.

William Alek at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada - January, 2014.

Aurora Light at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada - January, 2014.