William Alek is President and CEO of AuroraTek, Inc. AuroraTek was officially incorporated in Nov. of 2013 as a C-Corp in the State of Nevada and is dedicated to bringing forth advance and exotic Anti-Gravity and FREE Energy Self-Sustaining Technologies to the world. William is an Nikola Tesla energy researcher and developer with over 20 years experience and has recently been granted a patent on the SmartPAK / SFT FREE Energy / Overunity Energy Management System (US9620280B2) Two other patent apps have been filed, US62/465948 and US62/535831. Williamís professional life has more than 30 years of experience as an embedded computer hardware, electronic hardware and software engineering consultant, and has a BSEE degree from IIT Chicago, Illinois (1979).
Aurora is Vice President of Investor Relations and Special Projects at AuroraTek. She brings with her over two decades experience as a keynote speaker at conferences, lectures and seminars, and as a radio and television talk show host and guest. She is also known as Aurora Light, and is an author, producer and director of documentaries on the cutting-edge topic of UFO's and Extraterrestrial contact. Aurora's interest in self-sustainable energy, anti-gravity and accelerated healing and plant growing technologies guided her to co-create the AuroraTek Corporation in 2013 with William Alek. Her objective is to develop and bring to market transformational technology for a cleaner, healthier tomorrow.
Lou Leonardo provides growth and profit-focused sales and marketing executive experience with 25+ years of high performance talent - in Latin American, USA and Canada - with exceptional personal presence and sharp business acumen. Inspirational leader capable of motivating sales and marketing teams, and fostering a market- and customer-focused culture. Strong bottom-line orientation with awareness of ongoing needs to achieve a companyís financial objectives in the short, medium and long terms. Deep marketing and sales background includes strength in: Brand Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, Sales Maximization, Channel Strategies, Pricing, Customer Segmentation, New Product Development, Product Portfolio Optimization and Marketing Strategy.
Wayne Carroll helps business owners protect "Inspired Ideas". These assets are amazing ideas that business owners and their employees create and receive. To protect these ideas Wayne uses patents, trademarks, copyrights, and advises business owners how to keep valuable business secrets. Protecting inspired ideas, however, is not the true goal, as inspired ideas should be used to benefit as many people as possible. After ideas are protected, business owners share their inspired ideas with the world. Wayne Carroll has over 10 years of intellectual property experience helping hundreds of clients get peace of mind and protection for their intellectual property.
Dr. Louis Kunz has a PhD in physics from Stanford University. Louis had a two year Post Doctoral appointment with NASA in hi-altitude IR astronomy and authored and co-authored papers in scientific journals on IR astronomy and detectors. Heís a passionate observer of the night sky with friends and owns home-built telescopes. Louis conducted astronomy classes and observing sessions at former Star Hill Inn and taught short astronomy classes at local community college and personal events. Louis has a deep spiritual connection since childhood with the beauty and mystery of the cosmos. Heís an advocate for full disclosure of ET contact and presence throughout Earthís history. Awareness of, and surrender to, the intense transformational times we are living in now.

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