Bioenergy Disk

Bioenergy Disks
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Produces Magnetic Dampening Field
Plastic Encapsulated Hermetically Sealed Water-Proof Disks
Has Many Health Benefits
Creates Nano-Clustered Water
pH Normalizing
Easily Embedded in Your Product
Patent Pending Technology
HOW IT WORKS: AuroraTek's breakthrough Bioenergy Disk technology produces what is called a Magnetic Dampening Field. This effect is produced by powerful opposing magnetic fields causing the REAL magnetic field to vanish and the COMPLEX magnetic field to emerge. The field energy produced by a REAL field is positive energy; however, the field energy produced by a COMPLEX field is negative energy.

For growing plants, water is a polarized molecule and forms large macro-clusters. The negative field energy produced by the Disks interacts with the water causing the macro-structures to breakdown into nano-clusters, which are easily absorbed in the plant along with associated minerals. This has a very positive and beneficial effect in the plant causing rapid growth and greater yield. Up to 50% faster growth rate has been observed.

For therapeutic applications, the negative field energy interacts with the body's neural system reducing pain and discomfort. The effect occurs within minutes. By reducing pain, fatigue is decreased and you feel energized and invigorated. The field produced by the Disks has a very positive and beneficial effect, which promotes healing and rejuvenation in the body by interacting with the water on a cellular level. This results in better hydration.

Various energy levels are available to suit your application. 

Bioenergy Products
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Sealed Bioenergy Disk, one 2.5" x 0.25" Disk.
Item # MA25025
List Price: $120.00
Sealed Bioenergy Disk, one 2.5" x 0.50" Disk.
Item # MA25050
List Price: $160.00
Sealed Bioenergy Disk, one 3.0" x 0.50" Disk.
Item # FG30050
List Price: $180.00