Water Restructuring

Vitality Nano-Water Restructuring Technology
... is finally here!

Restructures Water for Better Absorption
Promotes Rejuvenation

No Electricity Required
Patent Pending Technology
3-Year Guarantee

NOTE: Works with Standard 2.5-gallon Water Crocks.
HOW IT WORKS: AuroraTek's breakthrough Bioenergy Disk technology produces what is called an electromagnetic dampening field.  Water is a polarized molecule and forms large macro-clusters. The field produced by the Disks interacts with the water causing the macro-structures to breakdown into nano-clusters, which are easily absorbed in the body along with associated minerals. This has a very positive, healing and rejuvenating effect in the body. The effects are felt after 30-days of use.
Vitality Nano-Water Restructuring Product
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Vitality Nano-Water Restructuring System for Standard 2.5-gallon Water Crocks, 4.0" x 1.0" Bioenergy Disk. Uses either 3-gallon or 5-gallon standard water containers.
Item # WR4010
List Price: $1095.00